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Conclave is a tabletop-inspired roleplaying game you can play with your friends, at any pace, from any browser. Conclave has all our favorite aspects of multiplayer roleplaying games: * Customizable character archetypes * Party-based cooperative play * Tactical turn-based combat * Group decision-making * A compelling story in an original, fully-realized fantasy world * Great aesthetics According to Wired's GeekDad, "With a chat window, top-notch art, and a satisfying purchase/upgrade system, [Conclave] combines all the best things about D&D that I love in a place I can access any time, any place." Plus, we've used technology to eliminate many hurdles and be respectful of your time: * Play from any device with a web browser * Seamless transition between synchronous and asynchronous play * Easy party formation and communication HTML5 Game Development said it's "extremely innovative... Conclave is a great example of how HTML5 can push a game medium forward."

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